Application for Concessions in Sudan

RIGONAL Trading & Services Co. Ltd. has been involved in oil and  gas  business  in  the  Sudan  since  early 1990’s. RIGONAL has established broad and good relationship with government organizations  and  oil  companies  in  the Sudan.

RIGONAL has  full  knowledge  and experience  to  assist  international  oil companies  to  follow  the  procedures  of applying  for  concessions in the Sudan, and deliver  international  clients  quality  and integrated consulting services in geophysics, geosciences,  reservoir  engineering,  field development and economic modelling.

For  international  investors  who  have interests  in  the  exploration and production domain in the Sudan, RIGONAL can be a reliable partner to cooperate with.

RIGONAL contact information is:

      Rigonal Trading & Services Co. Ltd.
      Alamarat st.55, Africa road
      Khartoum, Sudan
      Tel:     +249 155 179119
      Fax:    +249 155 178118