Oil opportunities in Sudan

Sudan is the largest country in Africa with a total  area  of  2.5  Million  Sq.  Kms.  It  has  a very  unique  and  strategic  location.  With common  border  to  nine  countries  and  the Red Sea coast in the East it is considered an important gate to Africa (Fig.1).Oil Exploration  activities  in  Sudan  started in  the  late  fifties.  To  date  huge  amount  of hydrocarbon reserves have been discovered both  offshore  and  onshore  by  several operating  companies.  Daily  production  is currently at 250,000 BOPD.
Several  new  fields  are  now  under development  and  expected  to  commence production in the near future.

A  1600.00  km  crude  export  pipeline  was built  from  the  fields  in  Western  Sudan  to the export terminal of Bashayer in the Red Sea.  One  other  parallel  line  is  under construction  and  a  third  one  is  under negotiation and design.
The Government of Sudan offers excellent term  for  interested  companies  and  the country has seen an ever-growing interest by foreign  investors  ranging  from  Major Multinational  oil  companies,  to  major National  oil  companies  and  individual investors.

(Fig. 1) The location map of Sudan in the east