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Short List Requirements

Following are the required information for companies to be included in the short list of Sudanese Petroleum Corporation (SPC) for crude oil and petroleum products:

1- Address of the company (main office and branches), place of registration, date of the establishment, domestic and overseas organizational charts, number and classification of staff.

2- What the company owns:
            * Refineries: (place, capacity)
            *Tankers: (names, type)

3- Relations with other parties:
           *Joint Ventures
           *Processing Agreements         
           *Long Term Hospitality, Chartering, Hiring….etc.

4- Main products dealing with:
Crude oil, light products, fuel oil and bunkering…etc.
Have you ever deal on buying and selling Nile Blend and/or Sudanese Petroleum Corporation if “yes” please specify.

5- Trade:
           *Area of activity (es)
           *Buyers and Sellers and their addresses.

6- Finance: (names and addresses of banks the company deal with financial statements and reports of the last three years.

7- Past experience and relation with SPC – if any.